How to Become a Video Game Tester

Have you ever thought that you can get real cash while comfortably sitting at home playing games? If you like playing games and want to become a professional video game tester, then this article is just for you.

video game tester jobsThe art of video game testing is also called quality assurance testing. It is a job of fantasy to many game fans, and it is very essential for the process of developing the game. This sort of job is one of the best ways to adopt for entering into gaming industry. Though playing video games to make a living is very cool, the life of video game tester may not be so easy. Sometimes, they need to replay the same levels of checks for multiple levels of errors. These game testers are often compensated due to their efforts. According to the reports of Department of Labor of United States in 2013, the average salary of such professionals can be till 49,000 dollars a year.
In order to become a video game tester, you need to follow certain steps. The first and foremost step is to get familiarize with computer systems and console technology. The testers play games on several platforms and are supposed to install/uninstall software and hardware during the work. Tom Sloper, veteran designer of these video games do suggest that computer literacy is very important for all game testers.

Step two includes playing several games and reading their magazines, knowing about their genres and lingo. It is often seen that players stick to one or two genres, but sometimes you will not be able to pick the types of games so one should be familiar with distinct genres.

The testers of quality assurance are detail oriented and demonstrate aptitude for testing of games .This is made possible through a beta release of job testing. They can take comprehensive notes, in case they come across any errors and replay all events thus leading to the buggy responses and deliver feedback in detail for every error, one comes across.mow_demo

The fourth step is to write an error report. You can find online reports of errors and create practice reports that mainly consist of three main elements of bug report. This report is very advantageous during the time of game testing. The next step contains practicing written communication and bug reports communicate the issues clearly so that no need to put up any follow-up questions.

The further stage comes when a blog of gaming can be started. This is imperative and can be a great addition to a game tester’s resume. The blog shows that one needs to be committed to games, the experience of which can serve as platform to network with others in industry.

One can join focused network such as to seek video game tester jobs and make new friends. Job openings are not always available, so take your chance and join today if you really like this job!

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