5 Tips on Becoming a Video Game Tester

Becoming a video game tester is a dream for many gamers, since that would allow them to make a living by doing what they love: playing video games. Predictably, this means that the competition is pretty intense. The job is not as easy as it sounds, and getting in is even more difficult since everyone wants to do it, but not many have what it takes.

Here are a couple of tips to hopefully help you on your way:

 1.Be a gamer

This goes without saying, though entails a bigger responsibility than most may realize. Being a gamer does not just mean staying in front of a computer or TV and playing games the whole day. Being a gamer means widening your horizon, and making sure to pick up and play as many games as possible. From role playing games, to stealth games, to beat-‘em-ups, you are playing games that you do not even think you would like in the first place. The main goal for you is to finish as many games as possible. This will be tough, but a video game tester should be able to go through a game completely in order to find any bugs or glitches, from the start menu until the ending credits. You should also play games of different platforms, rather than limiting yourself. Indie games, in particular, have risen in popularity immensely, and should not be ignored.

2.Be informed and up to date

You should be scouting for gaming magazines and be subscribed to gaming websites. This not only means visiting websites game magezinesof popular gaming companies, but also looking at websites that budding developers visit when they want to form an amateur team or ask others for tips. This way, you will be able to see what really goes on when a game is being developed, and you will find out firsthand how the flow of develops goes from being an idea into a full blown game. Look at video game testing websites, like GamingJobsOnline, and see what information you can find that will help you. You will also have learn the lingo that gets thrown around, so that you know what people are talking about and you will be able to communicate effectively.

3.Voluntary participation in testing

There are so many developers that sprout up every day, all trying to create games and make a name for them. Use this as an opportunity to get some experience, and volunteer to be a tester. MMORPGs always hold a lot of closed testing before release, and you should do your best to get into that group. From here, you will be able to hone your skills in finding bugs and glitches, and once you get a video game testing job, you will be able to spot and report them immediately. Again, you can also find chances at testing when you visit websites where upcoming developers have yet to complete a game, and list yourself as a future tester before they release their final product.

4.Practice effective communication

Being good at communication is very important for any job, especially for a video game tester. Since you will be going through games for developers and gaming companies in order to find bugs that they need to fix, you should be able to report whatever you find clearly and extensively. You should also practicing writing bug reports in the proper format, and you should be able to explain exactly what the bugs are, so that the developer will be able to find them immediately. Being vague with your report will not only confuse and irritate a developer, but will also risk you losing your position as a tester. It will be one big step backwards from the game’s final release.

5.Get technical

This may or may not be a requirement, depending on the company, but having basic knowledge about gaming development is a huge advantage. When you actually start developing games, you understand just how difficult it can be- writing code, designing the GUI, these are all slow and steady baby steps towards final release. You will begin to appreciate the hard work that truly goes into developing a video game. Finally, you will be able to see, step by step, what bugs actually come out and where they usually happen. This will make it much easier for you to submit reports that are comprehensive and on point.Become a Vide Game Tester

This may be a lot more difficult than most people initially expect, however, making a living was never meant to be easy. You will have to truly prepare yourself in order to get a shot at doing this for a living. Still, since you get to keep playing video games while putting food on the table, becoming a video game tester is more than worth it.