Game Testing Jobs Reviews

Video or computer game testing jobs is done to check its shortcomings before installing. Number of websites offer lucrative jobs to anyone who can do it. In job, you get an opportunity to be familiar with great releases from great brands like Nintendo, Blizzard, Microsoft, EA games, CAPCOM etc. much earlier to their release for testing jobs

You get paid more if you work hard and that too from your own home and as per your schedule and convenience. You play newest games which are yet under development stage. You can keep all the games you test, so a lot of saving in collecting variety of games. This experience is of great value in finding career with games industry because as game tester, you have high level connections in the industry.

The industry is in continuous growth, so innovative ideas are pouring with leaps and bounds in its expansion, quantity as well as quality wise. The game tester also suggests how to improve its performance while actually running it.

There are numerous job opportunities in this business as game tester can contact a large number of websites to test large number of video games. It is highly rewarding job and interesting also as you are required to play game and point out minor faults lying in its easy operation.

To become a game tester adopt the following procedure:

1.Build a great resume showing details about you, particularly your experience in game testing and capabilities you have, to be successful in this field.

2.Search for websites offering game testing jobs.

3.While applying for jobs, be confident and represent in a professional manner.

4.Lot of people apply for such jobs. So be serious in your efforts to get the job.

5.On getting job, do it sincerely and post it on website well in schedule time.

6.Be proactive in looking for next assignments. Companies will come to you if you stand firmly in industry.

To carry out this job you require a computer, network connection, creativity, curiosity and intention to express true opinion. The website will require from you to design and analyze overall look of game site, usability of game in easy navigation and easiness in finding information. You will have to analyze how good the content of game is.
Some of the trusted site guides which provide opportunity to game testers to actually play the game and write reviews are as follows:


This website guide is quite reliable and trusted one. It provides all things which you need to start as game tester. The program is full of information concerning with the testing to such extents that it is difficult to learn them by own. Main reason to offer this program 5 star is that CS program offered by it is best program in market these days.

2.Game Testers Academy:

This site guide is equally good to become game tester. There is only one choice to the membership on this site. If it is OK with you, it is top notch choice to get jobs for game testing reviews. With lot of information, you can easily start your work quickly.

3.Game Tester Secrets:

It is very easy to start with the help of this guide. It also provides a large number of free games to practice upon. As it takes more time to start happening, it finds lower ratings.

Some of the best rated game-testing websites are as follows:


This is a five star game testing website. It pays about $ 40 to 90 per hour with money back guarantee. This site is operated by beta-game-testersexperts in game industry who is very helpful in arranging job for you. They makes your job easy to take up big brand game testing. This is the top recommended website.

2.Www. Game

It provides secured ordering system with 58 days money back guarantee. It pays from $10 to $ 80 per hour.

3.Www. GamerTesting

It is better in providing money with range of $10 to $ 120. It is good in testing video as well as PC games. It offers 8 week, 100% money back guarantee i.e. if you are not satisfied with the service, you get your money back. This website remains updated with gaming resources and related information. They provide a list of Companies hiring Game testers.

4.Beta Gaming Testers:

This website is under control of T. Dub who makes you to prepare as professional video game tester. He takes you to certain degree of commitment and makes you to succeed in this profession to greater heights. It offers 60 days money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with their services.


Your income can range from $10 to $50 per hour on this website. They help to get game testing jobs with renowned Companies like Sony, Nintendo, Blizzard and Kanomi etc. This site contains all the information you need to become a game tester.

6.Enzyme Testing Labs:

It is a dedicated large scale game testing website which deals with multilingual game testing in North America and Asia. It employs game testers. It helps video game publishers and developers by providing world class certification for gaming experience and thus reduces production costs and time in marketing the games. It works on all major console platforms.

7.Become a Game Tester website:

This is a very well run website with a lot of database for online game testing. It keeps itself updated. It takes low onetime payment for membership.

8.Video Game Tester Secrets Website:

It contains a lot of fresh information about game testing jobs. It also provides up-to-date list of job openings in this field.

Few other important and well accessible websites providing game testing jobs are Opinion lab, you eye, Elance, User feel, Trymyui, User testing, oDesk, Whatusersdo, Click tale, Analysia, Userlytics etc.