How to Apply for Video Game Jobs

Video game jobs are considered dream careers for many people. Video game testers get to make a living by playing Apply for Video Game Jobsgames. Game developers get to see their ideas come to life and be enjoyed and appreciate by different people. There is little that is as stressful, yet at the same time fulfilling, as working in the gaming industry. The path to a gaming career is long and difficult, so here are a couple of steps to get you started:

1.Know your specialty
Gaming development includes a lot of different elements put together for the final product. A good game should excel in all or most categories in order to sell well. If you want a job in the gaming industry, you should avoid being a jack of all trades and a master of none. The gaming industry has two sides to it: development and business. Development, as you may have guessed, deals with the actual creation of a game. This goes from coming up with the initial idea until the final release. The business side mostly takes care of the marketing, partnerships and so on.

For the development side, there are a couple of positions you could choose from.

  • Programmers deal with coding and development.
  • Writers create the story and dialogue.
  • Musicians and sound producers create the soundtrack as well as the sound effects.
  • Voice actors, of course, give voices to the characters.
  • Animators create animations and cut scenes.
  • Video game testers are the quality assurance specialists, there to comb the entire game for bugs and glitches before it gets released to the public.

Creating a video game entails a lot more responsibilities and positions to fill, so you should be able to find what suits you, and work on it religiously until the day you decide to apply.

2.Have a portfolio
For most office jobs, you will require a resume entailing your past working experience and a list of your former employers. For video game tester portfolioanything art related, which video games are, portfolios are also required. Portfolios will showcase your talent and your past creations- they can be anything from sketches to music CD’s. You should make sure that you have exactly what they are looking for. Make sure that your portfolio stands out, since competition in the gaming community has always been intense, whether professional ore non-professional.

3.Write a good cover letter and prepare for interviews
A cover letter is your best shot at getting an interview. You will be able to convince a company to at least give you some time in order to prove your worth, which is the most you could actually ask for. As fun as gaming is, the industry is still very professional and has become very cut throat since video games and gaming platforms are steadily raising high in value. Please keep in mind that even though the development community seems fun and easy going, they still have to compete with other companies and would therefore only hire the best suitable for their needs. You will most likely be grilled a lot more than you would expect, and being such an unpredictable industry, you have to mentally prepare for as much as possible.

4.Look for places to apply
This used to be very difficult, during the time where gaming was not as big as it is today. Now, there are a lot of development teams and companies everywhere around the globe, and you should find somewhere to apply rather easily. If you prefer to apply from home, you could even find websites on the internet that you can apply to, like GamingJobsOnline that will help you find a career in gaming. Once you find somewhere to apply, make sure that you prepare everything that is required. Apply somewhere that your particular skills are needed, and you will have a better shot at landing that position.

5.Keep trying
The gaming industry is competitive. This is just the nature of it- it is mostly made up of gamers, who already have been KEEP-TRYINGcompetitive before creating a career out of doing what they love. There is no guarantee that you will land a job the first few times you go looking, but if you don’t, do not let it get you down. Just understand that there are a lot of people who want this opportunity. Every failure still counts as experience, so use that as an advantage.

It is a hard road to the gaming industry, where failure can be sometimes unavoidable. However, do not be discouraged so easily, and pick yourself up after each tumble. There is nothing quite like immersing yourself in the gaming world and making a living out of it. Video game jobs are probably one of the most satisfying and fulfilling careers, so do your best and don’t give up.