Inside Video Game Testing Jobs

Want to know what’s Inside video game testing Jobs, how to become a video game tester, and the salary and working hours of a video game tester? Find the answer in this article.

video game testing jobsBefore introducing video games in market, video game developing companies like these to be tested for perfect running. Video game testing jobs are in abundance for well trained persons in the field. Digital media industry is launching User Experience Lab to help video game companies with testing of their projects. These labs also employ video game testers.

Video game testers help in analyzing how the game shall be received and what changes are required to stand in competition with other video games. With headset and microphone, they are able to grasp any comment or whisper regarding the game. In User Experience Lab, multiple computers are fitted with giant flat screens to discuss feedback, player behavior and projects in total.

Formal qualifications required in video game testing jobs

No formal qualifications are required to work as video game tester. Most of the employers test playing skills capability and in-depth knowledge of video game market. Knowledge of programming will help in testing game. Your experience in using databases shall be helpful for bug reports. Testers experiences in trade shows and games events shall be of worth for them. He/she will have to keep himself/herself updated with games market developments. Best way to get updated is to join dedicated forums of professional bodies, game developers and game publishers, on social media websites.

Experienced testers in games retail are preferred because they understand game players’ requirements. Those video game testers who are interested in programming, designing or producing games at later stage must have graduation degrees. Though skill development in individuals comes with work on job but basics regarding using bug reporting software and design test plans must be in the knowledge of tester.

In short, a video game tester must have following capabilities:

1.Passion to play computer games with ability of playing at high levels.
2.Excellent spoken and written communication skills.
3.Abilities for analyzing the problem and putting solution.
4.Capability to work under pressure to adhere to time schedule and quality standards.
5.Tactful behavior with good negotiation skills.
6.Capable to work with team.
7.No irritation for repetitive work.
8.Good knowledge of game market and recent trends.
9.Methodical, disciplined and flexible approach to work.
10.Ability to concentrate in detailing.
11.Good computer skills.

Knowledge of foreign languages is an added advantage.

What the video game tester is expected to do?

As first player of the game, a video game tester shall be required to find and record programming faults, test its playability and recommend improvements to make it better while playing. He/she will be required to play games in as many ways as possible in details. Different levels and versions of the game shall be required to be tested.

Tester shall also see its performance as compared to other games in market and as compared to what designer desired in the game. Tester shall be required to complete the work on time. All problems in playing the game should be noted. Try to understand reason of problem, try to recreate the problems and record the steps taken. Suggest the solutions to eradicate the problems.

Check accessibility options in game. All copyright issues including those of logos must be checked minutely. There should not be spelling mistakes in game. Also check the text on packing and instruction manual. Every ‘bug report’ should be entered into quality management system. In overseas markets, video game tester may also be required to check translated manual and in-game instructions.

Video game tester should work in close harmony with artists, programmers and designers before the release of video game. Customer support should also be cared by the tester after release of the tester salary

Video game tester salary and working hours

Video game tester salary in initial stages may vary from $ 8000 to $ 12000 per annum. With experience in the field, it rises much more depending upon how much one can exert. The work requires presence in testing lab on computer. In order to meet deadlines in work, one will have to work day-night, in public holidays and weekends. Individual endeavors and capabilities pay a lot in this job. Approximately 81% people working in game testing industry are regular job seekers.

Where you can get job opportunities

Game publishers, game developers or independent game testing labs/companies are the best agencies which offer work of video game testing. Video game testing jobs are offered on games websites. Certain specialist online agencies are also active on internet. If you know some one in industry, he/she may be of help. Sometimes direct contact with game producing company also fetches tester jobs to individuals.

Video game testers may get useful information regarding game testing jobs on websites, MCV, Games, Games gamevision-mcv-reports-web-logoTester, Games Recruit, Data scope, OPM Response Ltd, TIGA, Bubble-Digital Career Portal etc. The list of job vacancies is issued by Universal Job Match Database under heading ‘Apply for jobs’.

Advantages of game tester job

Game testing job is a passport to enter into video game industry. With experience and understanding of game market, the likings of players and recent trends, a tester can start his/her own business. As game tester, he/she is the first person to play the game on video. Moreover, the game can be kept by him/her in software form for future playing. This is a good initiative for those who have passion for video games.

As professional game tester, you get an opportunity to work from your own home, if you have computer, head phone and microphone with you. You can earn as high as $ 40,000 in a year if you spend more time and show your capabilities in industry. Even upcoming video games, you will be able to play.


Video games are becoming more complex, faster and powerful these days. So to provide the gamer a thrilling experience in reality, video game testing jobs play an important and challenging role at their end. Game testing job is quite paying apart from being entertaining.