Video Game Tester Site Review – GamingJobsOnline

If you hear the words video game tester, this would really sound like a dream job for most people! Imagine spending hours daily just playing games and getting paid for it? The younger generation of players will definitely go for this one and not miss out on anything! But how exactly does this work and how do video game tester jobs fare out there in the world today?GamingJobsOnline
In this one website called GamingJobsOnline, you will be sure to find all kinds of gaming jobs available. From simple testing, to as hardcore as administrating an online game. Pay ranges from a good few dollars per hour, to as much as thousands of dollars in a single month alone based on the level of your proficiency in playing certain kinds of games. Of course, the beta testers are different as opposed to the video game tester wherein the would really have to look for the specific problems and glitches in start up games. But even so, this is a job that will definitely attract any young ones out there.
Ever since the internet started out back in the early 1990s, many games started going online, and in the recent years, the MMORPGS and the facebook app games have really dominated the market, and this is where these important jobs come in. In GamingJobsOnline alone, there are thousands of possibilities on different kinds of genres for games, ranging from the MMORPGS or massive online role playing games like Ragnarok, or the World of Warcraft. There are simulator games, shooting games, and heck, even simple android app games, which are currently the most trending kind of games and downloads online.
So what does GamingJobsOnline has to offer
1.Get paid to play or make reviews about the newest games, and even the ones that are still about to come out.
2.-Have up to date information and even beta tests for exciting famous games.
3.-Have the chance to own gaming products like controllers, pads, helmets, visors, guns, and so many more that it would seem like a dream come true for online players.
4.-Getting invited to the latest game conventions and related stuff and be able to interact with fellow fanatics for your favorite games and cartoons.
5.-And of course, get the latest walkthroughs, cheats, tips, and even play by play discussions about all your favorite games, thanks to the experts who have been playing them here in this website.
If that is not enough for you, then imagine this, your own world, your own game, and the chance to monopolize the parts of the game even before it is really released out in the open! This is certainly a chance no gamers will pass. This is what gamingjobsonline has to offer.
So how does a video game tester work? Simple, all you have to do is register online, and then from a lucky pool of people in the list, you might be chosen. It is not all the time you are lucky and chosen, because remember, this is also a competition in a way to get to the top first. Some of those who have years of experience in beta testing and being a paid gamer have all the qualified video game testeradvantages. So you had better keep yourself up to date always and be on the go because if you get chosen, then heaven starts for you. How much you get paid? It all depends on your level of experience. Of course the more years you have spent on game testing will give you a higher edge among those that just started these. But do not worry, this is a multi-billion dollar industry at the moment, and companies would like to get as much feedback in order to get the game flow going smoothly each and every time.  They would gladly play gamers to be able to detect the glitches, mistakes in game and fix it before the grand release.
All the website does is pool together a list of possible gamers that can try these games, and remember there are thousands and thousands of games available online anywhere. The collection of possible games in the site itself is numerous to list down.
So if you are to ask what are the advantages of being a paid gamer through this website, GamingJobsOnline? Well the discussion above will tell you all, and if you are not convinced enough, then we don’t know what else to say. Being a paid video game tester is the dream of most kids and adults alike. Don’t you want to know what it feels like to be playing all day and getting paid for it?  We certainly do, and a video game tester is certainly on top of the list for anyone who loves games and wants to earn from it.