5 Great Online Money Making Ideas

In the information era, you will find a lot of money making ideas online, allowing you to make a little cash from the comfort of your own home. As one can imagine, a lot of people are trying to get into it, given the ease and flexibility that is offered. Making money making ideasmoney online can prove difficult if you do not know how to go about it, and for someone who is not well versed in the internet, even knowing where to start is a struggle. To help, here are some ways to legitimately make money online:

1.Online surveys

There are a lot of paid surveys that you can find on different websites on the internet. These surveys are released by different companies in order to find out what is on the mind of the average consumer. Using this self-educating tactic, they are able to predict what trend will be coming next, and create a strategy based on the collected information. Online surveys will pay different prices depending on the length, content and company that released them, as bigger companies offer higher payments. You can find such surveys on websites like TakeSurveysForCash or SurveyJunkie, both of which have been proven to be legitimate. You will find a lot of video testimonials on those sites. If you will be visiting other websites, please make sure to do proper research before attempting to answer any surveys- since paid surveys have risen in popularity, hackers have taken the opportunity to spread viruses through them.

2.Video game testing

Video game testing is another very popular way of making money online. This comes as no surprise, since the past few generations have been able to experience better and better games due to the advancement of technology. The gaming industry will only become to rise from here. Video game testing entails playing a game thoroughly in order to find bugs and glitches, and then reporting them to the company or developer that created the game. A great example of this is the MMORPG genre, where a lot of online games hold a sort of raffle for players who would sign up to be included in “closed beta testing” periods. Websites like Gamingjobsonline will help you find video game testing jobs, where you’ll be paid unlike in most MMORPGs where joining the testing team is mostly voluntary for no monetary reward.


Blogging is a great way to make money online, though it will take a bit more effort than the two options listed above. However, blogging is more flexible, since you will be able to decide the content and when it will be uploaded. Making money off blogging relies heavily on the number of views your page gets, so most authors put a lot of effort into getting their website at the top of search results for keywords. This ensures that the website will get a lot of popularity and attention very quickly.


Freelancing is another way to make money online, though more difficult than even blogging. A freelancer will work for different employers or clients, offering their talents as services. This can be different things, like writing, art, music or even freelancing-jobsprogramming. Freelancers can, of course, conduct their business offline by approaching different companies and working for them for a single project or for a set period of time. However, in the information era, a lot of freelances turn to the online world in order to find clients. The important thing to remember in freelancing is finding a client who will be willing to work with you repeatedly- that means you always have to do your best for every project, so your clients will know that you are reliable and dependable. You should know how to sell yourself, and you should have the discipline to set aside the time to complete your work, especially if you do it at home.

5.Join online contents

This is certainly not as reliable as the other options, but if you have the talent and determination, you will be able to make some money nonetheless. There are a lot of different online contents out there- you just have to find them. They could be of any category, such as art or music. Game development is especially popular nowadays, and a lot of indie developers have managed to make a living out of their passion.

Earning money legitimately was never meant to be easy. You have to work for it in order to reap the rewards- some options may take more time and effort than others. However, just like any job, you will slowly become more efficient once you get the hang of it. Whether by writing for blogs, submitting a sketch or going to the best survey sites and completing a couple of surveys a day, if you are determined enough, you will definitely get somewhere.