6 Jobs to Earn Money Online without Investment

Don’t expect money will shower out from online jobs. It will supplement the needy ones who wish to use it as pocket money for unfulfilled desires. In this article, we will talk about 6 jobs to help you earn money online without investment. Students, housewives, senior citizens find these jobs quite suitable as these monetary gains add to their incomes and also help them to earn money online without investmentutilize their spare time. You are required to have a good knowledge of language, computer skills and internet connection along with a computer to get the following jobs.

1.Websites offering online surveys for their Client Companies are numerous. You can be asked to survey for popularity of a particular product, a school, a restaurant, a hotel or a Company itself. You can also be asked to collect and analyze consumer spending habits, opinions, preferences etc. In return you get $5 to $75 for each job as the case may be.

2.If you are of age above 18, earn $10 to $50 per hour for testing video games. You will play the game, find out operational problems and intimate to Company. You will also be required to test different levels, versions, performance against what designer intended, shall it be able to capture market, problems and how to remove them, check accessibility options, spellings, copyright issues, logos, text on packaging and instruction manual and enter bug reports into quality management system. You will be paid as per work assigned and will be required to follow time schedule. This is definitely a lucrative job paying lot, depending upon individual capacity. Moreover you get the game much before release, an additional benefit. As video game industry is quite huge, you have very good chances of becoming game tester.

3.Home based typing jobs, eBook writing, article writing, comments writing and review writing works are certain peculiar online works which can be easily done from living room of your house. Some Companies pay $ 2 to $5 per page for typing work and similar amount per 500 words for writing work.

4.Maintain your own website and do blogging like linking other websites, advertising other business establishments and their products etc. For each ad get $ .01 to $ 2. Generating market for products of a Company or promoting it through website also yields money for you. Make money as Commission by selling ‘TripleClick’ or other Company products.

5.Get paid to view advertisements and share videos. Just glance at ad for 5 to 30 seconds and get $.001 t0 $.01.

6.Data entry jobs online, preparing bills of Utilities Companies, freelance jobs and multilevel marketing jobs are available as large Companies do not employ permanent persons for such jobs.

While selecting an online job, most of the Companies require registration with them. Lots of Companies are fraud and never respond after registration, so check their reliability. Online jobs are good remunerative in sense that you have no tension of boss, work at home, own schedule to work and money comes to account through PayPal or other mutually accepted mode. Hope this article can help you start to earn money online without investment.