Ways to Make Money Online Without Investment

There are many ways to make money online without investment and internet is one of the best places to start with.  All you need is a computer with good wired connection and of course some skills to go with it because there are online sites that require such.  It is advisable to use a wired connection instead of a WIFI or Hotspot because you could do so much more with Earn-Money-Online-Without-Investment  it.  Here are some of the several ways you can make money online without investment.

Freelance Writing

If you got the skills then go for it.  Skills required with freelance writing include web designing, writing, editing, copywriting, ghostwriting or anything useful for someone working online and you can start making money online by finishing various tasks, projects or assignments.
To become a freelancer, you need to sell your skills to other people.  The difficult part of being a freelancer is the competition since there are already thousands of freelancers out there trying to compete for their place in the freelancing world.  However, the great thing about freelancing is there are sites which are happy and ready and help you.  Just create your profile and post it to increase your chance or acquiring projects for potential clients look on this site for freelancers.  Some of the sites that do not require any fees or investments are: Odesk now Upwork; Elance; Freelancer and People Per Hour

Answer Online Surveys and Play Video Games

Answering surveys online and playing video games I must say would be the easiest way to earn money online without investment, though sometimes survey or video game tester sites require a little registration or membership fee. Usually they ask for a certain amount and in return you could get different kinds of discount coupons and you can get your money back after 30 or 60 days if you are not satisfied with the service.
There are many online surveys out there which happen to be a scam.  They do not pay you after answering their surveys and getting your personal information.
Two of the legitimate surveys are TakeSurveysForCash and GetCashForSurveys.  They will ask for a certain amount of fee so you could sign up for taking the surveys from different sites.
Another thing is the video game tester like the GamingJobsOnline, which is a very helpful gaming sites to start with.

Pay to Click

Advertising is one of the many largest businesses in the world.  Companies would pay hundreds to billions of dollars just to advertise their products or services.  Their aim is to reach people all around the world.  Numerous websites are offering this kind of job.  You just need to sign up and start getting paid for reading their ads.  You need to login to their site regularly and click on their ad links provided on the account dashboard.
Some sites also send their ads through SMS on the mobile phone, the more ads you click the more money you will earn.  It takes at least 10-20 minutes daily on your computer to check and click on these ads.
There are ways you can multiply your earnings in PTC sites:

  • You have to view the ads on a regular basis which is every day.
  • Refer friends, relatives or family members of legal age and double your points and earnings acquired from the people you referred.
  • Sign up for the premium membership and you can get double commission when the referrals got to view the ads.

Sell your Photos

If photography is your passion or just a hobby, it surely can earn you money by selling it online.  If you’re good at shooting pictures of animals, places, people or nature then you are making a good fortune for yourself and your photos.
Even if you are just using your smartphone you can take wonderful and excellent pictures and sell them to these sites: Shutterstock, Photobucket and iStock.

Upload and EarnUpload and Earn

If you love taking videos of just about anything such as cooking, different places while traveling, tutorials, humors and the like, you will surely earn by uploading them on YouTube.  It is owned by Google and considered as the largest site for sharing videos.
If you’re accepted to be a partner of the YouTube program, your videos will start to earn every time people from all over the world watch your uploaded videos.

Online Teaching or ESL

Teaching online is a little difficult but pays off if you’re patient and love what you’re doing. What you teach here is ESL means English as Secondary Language.  You got to teach people of different ages from students to professionals.  You need to have a good working headset with built-in noise reduction and a webcam.  A Skype account is also required.
It only takes a few hours to teach and you could choose the schedule that is most convenient for you.  Pay is per hour, so the more hours you teach the higher you get paid.  Countries that pay for ESL teaching include Japan, Korea, China and Hong Kong.  Examples of these are 51Talk and Rarejob.

Sell Your Stuffs and Crafts OnlineSell Your Stuffs and Crafts Online

One of the easiest ways of how you can make money online without investment is by selling your stuffs that you no longer need.  So start tidying up your room and the entire house and select the things that will no longer be used but you know is still in perfect condition and can be used by other people. Don’t throw it away instead post it online for someone to buy it.
And if cooking or baking is a hobby or a passion, then you’re up for a good business.  You can post an ad on your favorite social networking accounts like Facebook or Twitter so that friends and other people will see it.  The best thing about it is it’s FREE and there is NO FEE.