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They laughed when I said I was going get paid to become a Video Game Tester until they saw my first check! You will be the one showing off the checks to your disbelieving friends!”

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Are you aware of the fact that you are getting real cash sitting comfortably at home playing games. It may sound good but actually it is correct and trust me because even I was feeling same way initially. I was feeling guilty regarding raking in cash simply by enjoying games working as video game testers. Hence I recalled those left behind days of long commute and catty office politics which made me change my thinking regarding enjoying all freedom as well as empowerment that I experience now at my house.

How Can You Get Paid to Play Gamesvideo game testers life

  • You can get paid for upcoming games and playing new games
  • You can get paid for taking online surveys as well as making somewhere between 5$ and 75$ each or may be more
  • You can get paid for participating in focus groups as well as making maximum of $150 hourly
  • You can get paid for trying fresh games, controllers, gaming consoles, or many other products as well as keep free products as well!
  • You can get paid for previewing new game or movie trailers for 4$ to 25$ per hour
  • You can get paid for reviewing new games for maximum of 30$ hourly

JUST few of the ways are there for making money using video game tester jobs of ours as well as strategic partnerships with some of the BIG corporations!

big game companyThere are Daily Gaming companies eagerly waiting to know opinion of buyers as well as their preferences when they are buying products like Games as it assists them in making enhancements as well as help testers to make huge money. One would get paid for playing video games like choices for playing recently launched games, joining focus groups, online surveys, so that their earnings reach 150$ per hour basis. They are also paid if they attempt gaming consoles or play new games or preview new game and movie trailers.

Game survey takers, beta testers, as well as video game testers are sought for eagerly by different companies desiring potential market views regarding fresh products of theirs. It is a great job for people who look for simple and joyful life. Daily workers will be able to fetch some extra money as well as merriment in routine tasks of theirs. Testers have to work towards finding glitches, pondering colours, evaluating interfaces, and gaming configurations as well as explain overall experience of theirs. They’ll get inquiry forms or question sheets to fill. Their package can vary between 300$ and 500$ approximately.

Whether you are looking for working full time, or want to make some extra cash, is definitely your perfect choice to make fun, easy and also serious money online.


Become a video game tester and make fun, easy and serious money at home Now!


Online Video Game Testing Job Benefits

  • No Boss, No Noisy Alarm Clocks, and Definitely No Schedules!
  • Work part-time, full-time or OVERTIME. All on your own.
  • Earn Up to $500-$3500 every month making a better than average income.
  • Doing what you want, when you want.
  • You have the freedom of working for yourself.

We aren’t Filthy Rich, But We Sure Enjoy What We Do !


At first I was sceptical regarding how I could make money for playing games, but I was thinking that I am having nothing that I can lose because they are having 60 days guarantee of money back anyways. Hence post 24 hours of signing, I received first job of mine. All I had to do was to follow instructions present on the website as well as answer some questions that came with the game that had been sent to me.
Few questions include: What are the bugs encountered when playing a game? At what level did game became slow? I filled up a survey form and provided my opinions regarding how it can become a better game. Post seven days I received first paycheck of mine and just after two months I was capable of buying dream setup of mine, fifty inches plasma TV and 5.1 Bose surround speakers!

– Michael James Smith
Video Game Tester, Carson, California, USA

Futhermore, As a Video Game tester or reviewer YOU will:
  • Get paid to review or play newly launched games
  • Get unreleased and new games for testing or reviewing (one can keep those games or sell them in future)
  • Get latest products for testing as well as reviewing like controllers, memory cards, game consoles, and lots more…
  • Receive invitations for game conferences, conventions, exhibits, and launches, like Japan Game Expo, E3, and so on!
  • Obtain special secrets, cheat codes, walkthroughs, and many other exploits which just testers of the game are aware about!


Video Game Tester Countries Supported

Do you live outside the United States? No Problem! You get the same exact service, for the same exact price! Check out just a portion of the 150+ countries we work with below:

video game testing job supported countries

Hear What Video Game Tester Saying

I found it being among the simplest and extremely funny ways of making online money today. I now get an option to spend much time with family as well as friends and have time still for my many other hobbies besides video games playing. Lot of stories are there from many other folks similar to like those who were once sceptical regarding aren’t now any longer…..

video-game-tester-saying-1“Post finishing college degree of mine, I decided resting for some time and during that time I spent time playing games again, when I saw a site I thought of giving it a try and by the grace of God I was right as now I no longer had to search for a job because I was already having a perfect job! I thank you as I am able to make more when being part time tester when compared to that 8-5 full time day job.”

– Ramy Johnson
Piedmont, CA Video Game Tester

video-game-tester-saying-2Hi there I must say that there isn’t anything better than money making from something that one really loves doing… Hence thanks for allowing me make great money from something that I love doing best! That is playing first person shooter as well as RPGS!”

– Henry Williams
UK, Video Game Tester


video-game-tester-saying-3“Those who are serious regarding a career in gaming industry should look no further! With you’ll be provided step-by-step and full proof instructions in addition to companies list guaranteeing earning you money! Hence I began three weeks back and I am earning $790 now using information available in the website.”

-Gongsan Young
Korea, Video Game Tester


video-game-tester-saying-4“I definitely recommends all video Gamers to earn instant cash as well as fulltime living by playing just games. Excellent work guys, thumbs up!!”

-Chris Page
Editor in Chief
Shoot Em’ Up Gaming Magazine

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Game Testing Membership Unconditional Money Back Guarantee



Only way by which one can find how great all of it can be is getting started right now. We are promising 100 percent money return guarantee in just sixty days! It is how confident the company is at this wonderful system. One can sign-up for their first video game tester job in minutes, even if one is all the way in Australia, China, Singapore, or India. This is what the beauty of the internet is; it is 24 hours, big Goldmine! One can work whenever one wants and however one wants!
All things are online hence once individuals sign-up they’ll have instant access to members area.



We look forward to seeing you inside.


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