Tutorial on Get Paid to Play Games

Playing games online is so much fun and exciting as you get to unlock new levels, journey into different adventures, beat your enemies who used to be other players too and earn rewards and points.  What if I tell you that you could do work and pleasure both at the same time?  Yes, you can get paid to play games online.  One of the gaming jobs website you might be interested is GamingJobsOnline.  Do you want to know how? Read on.get-paid-to-play-video-games

How does this work?

Of course you have to be fond of playing videos because you will be playing for long hours and as a video game tester you should have the capability in demonstrating your willingness to play at high standards.  This serves as great opportunities to find or discover slight or big problems that may be encountered during the game proper.
Another thing is, as a video game tester you should know how to use other types of software as well.  Situations on the video should be explained both in verbal and written form and related to the video game team.  You should also be patient and persevering since game testing will take hours to perfect.

Benefits of a Video Game Tester

Even if you’re just playing games online it still is hard work that should still be rewarded with great benefits.

  • Pastime Gets Paid
    One of the main benefits a video game tester loves most is being paid for something they truly enjoy doing.  This is something that most people seek and those who are fond of playing videos get attracted to the profession.
  • Less Stress
    Who says business and leisure can’t come together?  But with playing on line games that thinking is possible.  Unlike when you’re working in the office or with other professions, there are too much tasks to be done and your focus should be on multitasking.  With a video game tester you get paid to play games and nothing else.  So your focus is all about the game and how to perfect it before it could be released in the market for everyone to play and enjoy.
  • Make your Own Schedule
    Most video game testers can finish their tasks remotely.  They do not have to record their time in and time out like in an office.  They are also given flexible hours to complete their tasks if not working from home.   They are less pressured since there are no clients or customers to work with in the same place.
  • Tips and Tricks
    Most video game testers give importance to the information they can get.  By analyzing and testing the games they are able to discover and unlock tips and tricks giving them success to finish and beat other games.  This also enhances their total awareness of the video games’ structures which can be of help to those who want to advance in the game.  What’s more you got to play the newest games before anyone does.
  • Brain Exercise
    Video game testers got their brain exercised doing their everyday work.  Compared to some data entry jobs, testing video games make the brain work by analyzing, identifying the problems and providing solutions.

Kinds of Online Games

There are two kinds of online games sites:
Casino Style Games
This online gaming site is the largest and most lucrative business for gaming companies where you could participate in Casino Style Gamestournaments and have the chance to win big.  SendEarnings and Inbox Dollars are some of the big sites where you could join in cash tournaments like Big Money and get paid as well for reading emails.
Free Money Making Games
These are the kinds of paid sites that give you the chance to make money without spending any single penny.  These sites are 100% free and anyone can join to get paid to play games.

Online Games Sites

These online game sites will give you the fun, thrill and excitement you are looking for in a game aside from earning money as you get paid to play games:
Originally it is a program for online rewards where members can earn cash and prizes just for using Swagbucks.  As years passed, it has developed into a full GPT (get paid to) site where you could earn money for almost anything that you do online like playing games.  You could also earn rewards by answering surveys or referring friends.  You can redeem your earnings by exchanging them for gift cards or paid cash through PayPal.
This is a multi-player RPG (role-playing game) and a futuristic game where the realm is set about 1000 years towards the future.  Planet earth has become isolated and no longer suitable to live in.  Each player has their own domain to discover and find minerals and “mars dollars”.  Mars dollars is the game’s official currency.
Mars dollars are earned by searching ruins, mining volcanoes and even fighting against other players.  After you have accumulated the minimum 300,000 mars dollars you can now exchange it for cash with an equivalent of $20.00.  Also if you join you will receive 5000 free mars dollars.  Isn’t that a great deal?
It is one of the biggest sites for online gaming.  A virtual player named Anshe Chungthe is the world’s first ever millionaire whose income was entirely earned from playing games online.  Her earnings reached $250 million Linden which is equivalent to $1 million dollars in reality.  It is a world of about 2 million people where your 3D character (avatar) gets to meet and chat with other avatars.
Earning money has a lot of ways.  You can venture in buying and selling of lands, gadgets, and clothing or even just for sitting in a chair near a store.  This is advantageous for store owners as people gather and hang out with you there is a possibility that they will buy something from his store.
This is a contest-based game where you could play almost 25 online games.  To earn money is to compete against other players and win.
There is an option if you want to become a paid member.  This will benefit you more and gives you the chance to have more winnings.

Get paid to play games is such an amazing thing that any game player would love to do. So, take the chance and earn while playing.