Video Game Tester Salary

What can one expect from the video game tester salary? While being a video game tester is a coveted career by many gamers, it also carries a lot of responsibilities.

A tester’s salary varies depending on the company who is hiring, though you can expect upwards of $40,000 up until $70,000 annually. This is a basic ballpark estimate, and your mileage may vary, depending on where you apply. Salary will also depend greatly on how long you have been a tester, and those will more experience can, of course, expect greater pay outs.

This career actually offers rather good pay, since you do not have to hold any sort of degree in order to get a job, so it is a good video game tester salaryoption if you do not have the budget for university. In fact, this is the one factor that does not affect salary at all- it is a level playing field for everyone, and you can only get ahead by doing well.

However, despite the job title, it is not all fun and games. Video game testing can be rigorous and tiring, especially during the period where a game is nearly completed and preparing to be released to the public. Before applying to a website like Gaming Jobs Online, here is what you can expect from making a video game tester salary:

Video game tester work hours

The work hours can be a little bit difficult to get used to. You will have a bit more flexibility than office work, but then again, these hours will be used to play video games, so either way, it can be considered a win. When a game is coming closer and closer to release, the hours will become much longer in order to make sure that the final package will be as close to bug free as possible. This can get very tiring, since even though you will be playing a video game, work is still work, and you have to produce results.


Most of the time, video games testers will not be able to choose which games they will be play testing. For a gamer, this is not so bad, since a chance to play a multitude of different games with different genres is a great opportunity. Of course, once a project is completed, you can move on to a different, although you still will not get much choice in the matter.


To be successful as a video game tester, you have to be absolutely meticulous. Not only will you have to find bugs and glitches, but you also have to be able to recreate the scenario wherein they happened. That means replaying a single part of the game over and over, until you are able to log down what the bug does and how you trigger it, so it can get fixed by the developers. It becomes a grind after a while, but this is a very necessary part of game development. A lot of blame can fall in the testing team if a game is released full of bugs, though this is not always the case, as some developers do not or are not able to address the bugs if they are just too many and there is a small window of limited time.

The opportunities

Most people will be satisfied being a video game tester for the rest of the career lives. However, some get into video game Video game industrytesting just to get their foot in the door and break into the gaming industry. There have been programmers and designers that started out as testers- some even enter the marketing side of the industry after being testers. Since becoming a video game tester is a lot more accessible than other positions in the gaming industry, and it has a lot less requirements in terms of merits and experience, it is a very good path if you are shooting for a good position in an establish game development company.

This may not be what most people were expecting- then again, most people were expecting to just sit back, play their favorite video games all day and make money. When you are testing video games, you play them with a mission: to find all bugs and figure out how to recreate them. It becomes tedious, tiresome and grating, but the entirety of game development often has to undergo some amount of stress in order to churn out a masterpiece. Despite all the difficulties, just knowing that you have been part of an amazing game that will touch multitudes of gamers is still very fulfilling.

It takes good judgment, determination and guts to make it into the gaming industry. Whether you just want a foot in the door or a lifetime career, aiming for getting a video game tester salary will get you moving in the right direction.