How to Make Extra Income with Best Survey Sites

Physical needs in life for a well-to-do living compel individuals to make extra income from various resources. Online paid survey and video game tester job are two such jobs which provide some amount to cope with your financial needs. Both these make extra incomejobs can be carried out from home if you have a computer/ laptop, internet connection, PayPal account, email address and little knowledge to operate a computer.

Best survey sites offering online survey work are TakeSurveysForCash, Survey Junkie, Get Cash for Surveys, Brandinstitute, Mysurvey, Surveysavvy, surveyspot, opinionoutpost, Esearch, TestSpin, Harrispoleonline, iThinkinc, Mindfieldonline and many more. There is lot of nightmare in getting payments, so be careful in selecting genuine legitimate sites. Some may charge from you a membership fee and then disappear. The reliable sites either pay in cash through PayPal or through bank account. It is better not to get registered with sites asking for sign up amount.

Remember these sites pay in between $1 to $10 per hour for survey work. Survey amount per survey may vary from $5 to $ 75 depending upon the volume of work involved. This is meager amount, so don’t depend upon these sites for livelihood. One of the assured payment site is TakeSurveysForCash. This website created by Daniel requires your own opinion and to fill out survey forms. You can do number of surveys simultaneously. Just log on site in your membership account, choose the surveys which you can carry out and complete them.

Online video game testing jobs are equally paying jobs and are very entertaining. You get a chance to play with those games online jobswhich has not entered into the market so far. You play with them and report the hassles in running the games. If you love playing video games, it is a bonanza for you. Increase your horizon beyond Microsoft X-Box One games like Bethesda Softworks but also test Play Station 2, Nintendo Game Cube, Nintendo Wii, PS3 and other computer games; you will get lot of money and experience. Test the game as developer and report shortcomings in its successful running. In the beginning start with smaller firms and go on improving your expertise. In general, you will be provided with a questionnaire to fill in video game testing jobs.

The websites offering video game testing jobs are gamingjobsonline,, gametestingparadise, progametester, sloperama and more which are legally registered. These websites offer good returns based upon performance. Consistence efforts are needed in this profession to show excellence. Avoid fake sites which give lucrative offers much more than normal ones.

Online jobs provide extra income to needy students, house-ladies for their pocket money and to retired persons to make their livelihood easy and comfortable or to compensate their increased medical bills. Best part of these jobs is that you are your own boss and you can complete the work right from your home in any convenient time. You can take up more than one work if you need more money and if you are competent enough to carry on them.