Only cash surveys review – Survey Junkie

The internet sure has a lot of interesting things these days. Imagine that by answering surveys, you can actually start earning money already? This is what survey junkie is all about, and so far, it is the top website for survey answering and no one else survey-junkiehas been able to beat it and it generates millions of dollars both in revenue, and also provides millions of dollars in payment to its “survey takers.”

If you can imagine that, earning money simply by filling up forms online, then it really is a worth it venture. Only cash surveys are common these days, and it takes a real effort to locate websites that will offer to pay up for such. However, SurveyJunkie really beats you to the punch by giving you an online base wherein you can have your contact details saved and they will be the ones to match you to surveys that are compatible to your application or your resume with them. It is something similar to sites like Jobstreet, wherein when you pass your online resume, they will automatically streamline your options to job opportunities that match your skill set. So if you look at it on that angle, then survey junkie is really interesting and worth taking a chance to try.
You have to be a member though to really check out what is inside this site, as the main website homepage only provides you teasers, but based on the information I got from people who really registered here, this site is not half bad. Well, they say it all depends on your discerning capability whether you will earn money from the surveys they will give you or not. It seems confusing right? Some people even claim that this website is a scam and will even only take away your money and make you work for free. But there is also another side of the coin wherein people claim that they have actually earned quite a bit answering surveys from this website. So as you can see, how exactly do you determine whether it is real or not?

How SurveyJunkie works?

This site is not the actual site that actually gives you the surveys to fill out or such. What it does is actually collect your contact information much like a resume, and then supplying you with lead to actual sites that give out the surveys. So in a sense, it is a lead generation site, like an SEO tool, which matches you to the right kind of site or survey according to your skills. So in a sense, by joining them and agreeing to their terms and conditions, they will provide a way for their partner websites to contact you with advertisements and offers, and this is the part that is tricky.

So is surveyjunkie a scam or not?

The answer to this question can  both be a yes and a no. Let us see why this is so.Is-SurveyJunkie-a-Scam

No: because survey junkie does its job by sending you to the right sites where survey answering jobs are available. So in a sense, it really does the right thing, and it is up for you at this point to determine if the site they suggested to you will be good for you to answer or not. But take note, this is where luck comes in too. Sometimes you will get a good site that does pay for your services, and there are really claims that some people really earn as much as hundreds of dollars answering surveys for some sites. However there are also those that are unlucky enough to be scammed by some sites which will claim that after answering surveys or doing reviews, your work is not fit or some other reasons not to pay you.

Yes: It is a scam in a way too because the site is misleading. It says that it guarantees payment for work, and many of the people reports getting scammed a lot by random websites. But in a way it is also not the fault of surveyjunkie because they have no control over who partners with them or whether they have control over the leads they generate. But overall based on the guarantees it gives, it can be said that this is also a scam that you better be careful about.

So balancing both sides of the coin, you will have to note that it is possible to actuallyearn using survey junkie, and in fact, only cash surveys is really true so to say. But it will have to take a discerning eye to tell which is the website that will really pay you or not. Make a good research first before diving or starting to answer surveys to increase your chances of getting paid. Survey junkie can be a good source of income if you utilize it properly or know how to take advantage of its platform well.